Texas storm chasers get engaged in front of twister

According to the Blast, Taylor died while vacationing on a cruise ship sailing to Puerto Rico, where an autopsy is being performed. On Saturday, the ship left Ft. Lauderdale for a week-long trip. TMZ reports that Taylor died from a suspected overdose since the “drugs on the party boat were plentiful. He was then taken to his cabin. Law enforcement added, “It appears the death could be an overdose and Joel Taylor was consuming controlled substances.

Why do Storm Chasers Chase Storms

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. A tornado forms in Midland, Texas, on Tuesday, March 28, CNN — The three storm chasers pursued the raging tornadoes for years. When others fled, they drove closer to the spinning winds. All three men died, officials said.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email At first glance, these stunning pictures taken by a storm chaser appear to show a UFO landing in Germany – but all it not as it seems. Having braved the wind and hail in a bid to capture something incredible, year-old Maximilian Ziegler was left blown away by a beautiful cloud formation phenomena. The photographer and surveyor with a degree in meteorology and climatology, from Ludwigsburg, Germany said he was full of adrenaline as he spotted the unusual skyline.

The year-old was stunned by the skyline Image: Caters Pictures show dramatic cloud formation Image: I like to observe and research the cloud structure, the movement and the side effects of a thunderstorm. It was perfect, the structure, the movement, the light. It was one of the best cloud formations I’ve ever seen. Caters “When it came closer and closer, I drove to the north to be in front of the storm to take more pictures. I drove to a petrol station to save my car because of the hail.

After all, I was very satisfied to catch such an outstanding event with my camera.

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Storm Chasers are people who try to get close to storms for the purposes of observation or science. Chasers are usually amateur photographers, hobbyists and private citizens who pursue tornadoes and severe weather for personal reasons, often logging hundreds of miles during a single event. So why do people put themselves through the ordeal?

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Roofing Scams – How to Avoid Storm Chasers and Con Men Roofing scams are not entirely uncommon, and are more frequent after a high wind or hail storm where communities receive significant roof damage. Particularly at risk are the elderly and handicapped who may have more trouble assessing the damage themselves. That means it is important to get background checks on your roofing contractors, to see if they are legitimate contractors as well as to assess the quality of their work.

He may even say the crew has leftover material from a nearby job they just finished allowing them to pass some savings on to the next customer. The roof will be sloppily finished or left unfinished as the person or crew leaves before the homeowner realizes what has happened leaving the victim with little or nothing to go on.

You are being pressured to hire the company because of a great price that is a “limited time offer”. Particularly if there has been wide spread damage in your area you should be wary of someone pushing a cheap rate. You are asked to pay for a significant percentage or all of the job in advance. The roofers are not from your local area. Storm chasers Travelers will follow the most recent damage looking to make some quick money with the opportunity brought by hail and thunderstorm damage, etc Tips to avoid being scammed: Never agree to pay cash up front before the job is completed.

This should be a strong indicator off the get go as legitimate contractors will not usually ask for cash up front.

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TMZ reports he died of a suspected drug overdose. Another passenger said he passed out on the dance floor. Two people took him back to his room before his death.

The storm sends them into another dimension, where they crash-land in a most unusual new world. You’ll help them explore, meet the inhabitants, help them rebuild their village, and repair their airship so they can return home safely.

When storm chasers see tornadoes tearing across states like Kansas and Oklahoma, they provide crucial information to emergency workers, law enforcement and the National Weather Service. To get the job done, storm chasers need rugged vehicles that are equipped to handle the worst conditions Mother Nature can throw at them. Weather Warriors Many professional storm chasing vehicles are based on trucks or SUVs, and the amount of safety and tech that goes into designing a purpose-built storm chaser is not for the faint of heart.

High winds can cause powerful, dangerous debris to fly through the air. As a safety measure, both the Dominator 2 and TIV2 feature a bulletproof body shell and windows that feature thick polycarbonate Lexan and plated glass. Both vehicles are also equipped with different systems to help combat heavy winds , which could send them flying through the air. The Dominator 2 has a hydraulic suspension system and spikes which will lower and anchor it to the ground.

Instead, it features a sliding armored-panel system that lowers to the ground, which keeps wind from getting underneath.

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According to a report , Paul and Carl were thrown from a vehicle while Tim died strapped inside his car with his seatbelt on. They were among 13 confirmed victims of the twister. The tornado also destroyed one of their storm-chasing trucks “almost beyond recognition.

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When tracking storms on radar, some of the most visually impressive and complex looking storms are tornadic supercells. They often display certain radar characteristics. To the trained eye, these characteristics can tell a forecaster, or storm chaser, how organized the convection is, the structure of the supercell, and what the storm might be capable of producing. Below I provide some examples of common tornadic radar signatures and what they mean.

Classic supercells are the most common in the Great Plains, and also the most prolific tornado producers. Both visually and on radar, the rain free updraft area and precipitation core are separate. Radar watching Basic tornadic signatures Advanced tornadic signatures::

Hail Storms

Follow the adventures of storm chaser Rebekah LaBar. Hoquiam, Washington Posted in Weather News at 7: Hoquiam is situated on the southwest coast of Washington State, just inside Grays Harbor and at the mouth of the Hoquiam River.

Allison is married to meteorologist and storm chaser, Mike Bettes; their wedding ceremony was held in after several years of dating. Three years later, the couple welcomed their so far only child, Landon Benjamin Bettes. Wish them another beautiful year in their married life.

By Annette Bourdeau tornadovideos. The extreme weather aficionado has rolled out a web series called ” Tornado Chasers ,” where viewers can watch as Timmer and his team venture into the heart of dangerous storms in their impressive armored vehicles, Dominator 1 and Dominator 2. HuffPost TV Canada caught up with Timmer to find out more about his unwavering passion for extreme weather, why thrill-seeking tourists are paying to tag along into the belly of the beast-like storms, and whether anything still scares the seemingly fearless storm chaser.

What sparked your initial fascination with severe weather? I’ve loved extreme weather ever since I was five years old. When I was really little I was actually scared to death of thunder and lightning, so it’s possible it has something to do with that. I was a science nerd growing up. I was really into insect collecting [Laughs] for like 10 years and weather was always my passion.

I’d watch the weather on TV multiple hours a day. I’d get fired up whenever severe thunderstorm warnings would get issued.

Joel Taylor of Discovery Channel’s ‘Storm Chasers’ Dead at 38

Damage to some structures, power poles, power lines and fences was reported, but there were no injuries. Tornado Central A team from the National Weather Service in Cheyenne investigated the damage Thursday, and found a swath of grass scoured out of the ground roughly one-third of a mile wide, consistent with EF3 damage. The NWS-Cheyenne team also found galvanized steel utility poles bent 90 degrees at the base and wooden power poles snapped by this EF3 tornado about 10 miles north of Laramie.

Winds in the tornado were estimated up to mph. The tornado first touched down about eight miles north of Laramie around 5:

John Humphress, a storm chaser and drone pilot, arrived around 5 p.m. Wednesday, a few hours after Michael slammed into the coastline. He had one word to describe what he saw: “apocalyptic.”.

Storm-chasing course puts students in the eye of the storm CTVNews. The university’s storm chasing course teaches students about severe weather, including how to predict it and how to safely observe it up close. Students then take a weeklong field trip with professors at the end of the seven-week course to experience firsthand anything from severe thunderstorms to tornadoes.

That’s what instructor Pat McCarthy says makes the program one of a kind. Since the course was started by University of Manitoba professor John Hanesiak in , students have driven across North America chasing storms, seeing everything from loonie-sized hail to supercell tornadoes along the way. Students studying atmospheric science at the University of Manitoba are given preference for enrolling as one of the 14 students who can take the course. Any leftover spots are made available to members of the public, giving emergency management officials, military personnel and others with a keen interest in the weather the chance to take part.

Chasing tornadoes with storm chaser Tim Samaras

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