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How do you teach young people about How do you teach young people about consent? Undergraduate students must now pass an online course on sexual consent if they wish to enrol at the University of Melbourne. More videos Malcolm Turnbull embraces fast trains in Australia The Prime Minister is keeping alive the decades-old discussion about a a fast rail line linking Melbourne to Brisbane. Video courtesy ABC News 24 John Alexander, an advocate for fast rail since he entered Parliament in , said high speed rail would “liberate” regional towns, potentially tripling property prices and relieving housing pressure in the capital cities. The train itself was almost an afterthought in the scenario he outlined to Fairfax Media, in which the train line would spark the growth of six to eight cities along the route, using the resulting rise in land values to fund the project. Advertisement New train stations would sit near but outside existing townships, including the Southern Highlands, Goulburn and Shepparton, with the areas around those stations rezoned for higher-density development. You will now receive updates from Breaking News Alert Breaking News Alert Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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The Golden Age Wonder Woman was later updated by Marston to be able to will a tremendous amount of brain energy into her muscles and limbs because of her Amazon training, endowing her with extraordinary strength and speed. According to her first appearance, she is stronger and more agile than a hundred of the best human athletes. In Sensation Comics 6 June , she is able to tear a steel door off its hinges.

In the same comic, she jumps from a building and lands on the balls of her feet. She can even type at a rate of over words a minute during a test given to her.

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What do you call 1, Restrictor plates at the bottom of the ocean? Hollywood is calling and wants him to co-star in a sequel to “Speed Racer” Q: How can you tell when a nascar fan is watching a Formula One race? When he taps you on the shoulder and asks “Are we watching qualifying? Because it was interfering with Jeff Burton’s ability of finish the race! What do Matt Kenseth fans use for Birth Control?

Spectators inches from death as driver performs high speed turns in packed Asda car park

Because synchronized sound for motion pictures was a hit with movie-going audiences, film producers had to create voice-movies in order to stay competitive. The silent-film era was over. Sound was here to stay, and cartoon animation followed the trend. Disney and Iwerks signed a contract to distribute Oswald through Universal Pictures, but the first cartoon, Poor Papa, was rejected because of poor quality.

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It premiered on July 7, on Cartoon Network and ran for 67 episodes and 4 seasons. The series originally lasted for 12 episodes and a half hour’s worth of original pilots, was renewed in and officially ended in Johnny Bravo originally appeared in two animated shorts created for Cartoon Network’s World Premiere Toons and was one of several characters to be given an ongoing series. Many celebrities starred on the show as well.

Initially, the show aired using the same creative format as the original animated shorts. However, the show was completely retooled in the latter seasons, changing the animation style and the personalities of several characters. The show’s final season returned to the original format. JBVO ran for roughly one year. Some of the other directors include: He is incredibly narcissistic and dim-witted , traits that lead to a severe incorrigible inability to attract women, becoming a running gag throughout the series.

Another running gag is Johnny’s catchphrase, “She wants me,” after women beat him up for refusing to leave them alone. The character is memorable for his incredibly quick movements usually done while trying to impress women , which were accompanied by the distinctive sound effect of a bullwhip crack, often flexing his muscles in a bodybuilder fashion. He dresses in an oversized black muscle shirt and very small jeans based on one of creator Van Partible’s clothes.

Though the name “Johnny Bravo” dates back to an episode of The Cheyenne Show , Van Partible stated in an interview for Cartoon Network that he also derived the name from his full given name, “Giovanni Bravissimo Partible”.

Wonder Woman

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A cop in a high-speed chase shot through the windscreen of his own car in a desperate bid to stop a murder suspect.

The jaw-dropping bodycam footage shows officer William Umana following a black SUV as both vehicles speed through the winding streets of Las Vegas. The incident started when officer Umana was shot at while pursuing Fidel Miranda, 22 and Rene Nunez, Both Miranda and Nunez were suspects in the death of Thomas Romero, 25, who was shot numerous times in the chest at a car wash days before. Romero was taken to the University Medical Centre where he died on the morning of the high speed chase.

Umana starts shooting through the window of his own car Image:

DeviantArt is the world’s largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

It is the third largest city of Sindh province, situated on the west bank of Indus River. The district of Sukkur was constituted in out of part of Shikarpur District. Sukkur has been an important strategic centre and trading route from time immemorial. Alor or Aror, Sukkur held the status of capital under the reign of Musikanos, when Alexander invaded the region in BC.

The ruins of this ancient town still exist, 8 km east of Rohri, in Sukkur district. The Rai Dynasty built a huge temple of Shiva. Later Mughals and many semi-autonomous tribes ruled over Sukkur. The city was ceded to Mirs of Khairpur between and In , Shah Shuja a warlord of Kandahar, Afghanistan defeated the Talpurs near Sukkur and later made a solemn treaty with the Talpur ruler, by which he relinquished all claims on Sindh.

The bridge provided the railway link between Lahore and the port of Karachi. About a hundred feet apart, the two bridges seem like one from a distance. Ayub Bridge Ayub Arch at Sukkur.

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Early steps[ edit ] For more details on this topic, see Kinetoscope. Dickson as a test of the early version of the Edison Kinetophone , combining the Kinetoscope and phonograph. The idea of combining motion pictures with recorded sound is nearly as old as the concept of cinema itself.

Math Cartoons & Humor. What is the speed limit? It is hard enough going the speed limit now you have to figure it out too? “What math is all about // funny pictures – funny photos – funny images – funny pics – funny quotes – Deneen”” The reason why? Every day not Math class when my teacher does something and I understand it, I just.

Department of the Treasury. Individual Income Tax Return. IRS Use only – Keep your greasy fingers off this space. For the year Jan. Your Name Phonetic Spelling. Your Social Security Number. Your gang or mob name Ex: Your Other Social Security Number. Address of Your House Before Foreclosure. How about a cold one right now? City, State or Exit from Jersey Turnpike if you have foreign address, go there and wait for instructions.

Except for Canada, Canada still OK.

Traditional animation

Process[ edit ] Animation productions begin by deciding on a story. The oral or literary source material must then be converted into an animation film script, from which the storyboard is derived. The storyboard has an appearance somewhat similar to a comic book, and it shows the sequence of shots as consecutive sketches that also indicate transitions, camera angles, and framing. The images allow the animation team to plan the flow of the plot and the composition of the imagery.

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You could argue that the other flaws — unrealistic action, convoluted origin story — are just the result of the animated source material. But the dumb racism? That sort of stuff never happened in the ’80s cartoon! Except for that time the original Transformers traveled to the little known Arab nation of Hasbro Somewhere, there’s an Arab cartoon set in the American state of “Eatallburgerstan. And trust us, knowing the context doesn’t make this one any better.

In the episode “Thief in the Night,” two rogue Decepticons take refuge in Carbombya and meet the country’s leader, Commander Gadda — er, Fakkadi, who, as proudly indicated above, owns a shitload of camels. When the Autobots roll out and liberate Carbombya, they make Fakkadi promise he’ll never steal Earth’s landmarks again. The animators weren’t so subtle. One person who didn’t think it was so hilarious was Casey Kasem, who voiced several Transformers until he quit over this stupid bullshit.

Todd Spence And this is a man not known for saying “no.

7 Horrifying Things Snuck Into Famous Children’s Cartoons

Dickson as a test of the early version of the Edison Kinetophone , combining the Kinetoscope and phonograph. The idea of combining motion pictures with recorded sound is nearly as old as the concept of cinema itself. On February 27, , a couple of days after photographic pioneer Eadweard Muybridge gave a lecture not far from the laboratory of Thomas Edison , the two inventors privately met.

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The two men were found passed out with heroin syringes still in their hands Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Horrifying images show two men passed out in a busy city centre subway – with what are believed to be heroin syringes still in their hands. This image, widely shared on social media, shows the horror of the drug scourge sweeping Belfast. The men were found lying unconscious in a subway near the city’s Albert clock early on the evening of August 17, surrounded by drug paraphernalia.

The use of heroin in Northern Ireland has dramatically increased in recent years, most of it in Belfast being supplied by ruthless organised crime gangs, in particular an eastern European mob dubbed ‘The Russians’. At the time this picture was taken the area was swarming with clubbers attending a Timmy Trumpet concert. The images highlight the increasing drug problem in Belfast Image: There was a concentrated police presence outside the gig, including a Tactical Support Group squad in Land Rovers.

People are calling for more to be done about drug use in the city Image: National Geographic RF One source said: No trouble at all inside but outside it was madness, seeing young kids lying with needles hanging out of their arms is just as unbelievable as it is horrifying.

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Hardlight is focused exclusively on creating high quality, innovative game experiences for mobile handheld platforms. I produce concept art, pixel art, animation, and user interface design for iOS , Android and other mobile platforms. Before joining Hardlight in October , I worked for more than 6 years at Full Fat , a small independent studio making games for mobile devices and consoles. Prior to joining Full Fat in , I worked for 5 years as a freelance illustrator, for a range of clientele including the BBC, Scholastic, Dorling Kindersley and leading independent new media companies like Fjord and Unique Interactive.

I am a skilled, adaptable illustrator, artist and designer, with a diverse background in industrial design, technical illustration, fine art and web design. I specialise in character design, and the creation of believable mechanical and industrial design. I am also an experienced user interface UI designer. I have decades of experience in traditional and digital media, and have good communication and team working skills.

I am inventive, enthusiastic, mature, experienced, forthright and reliable.

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